tall trees need strong roots

Lets touch amazing moments of transformation and creativity.

And it will grow something wonderful.


The roots your tree can grow: the brand strategy shows how you can bring your brand to the target groups. Every target group needs different language, colors, styles, channels and an empathic brand story. This brand story is the world your consumer will identify him/herself. I have the psychological background to reach your target group and find out the empathic strategy to touch your clients sustainable.


The leafs of your tree: its necessary to be recognized by. This recognition can be accomplish by a clear and powerful designs—which can exist next to lots of other brand. Its based on the corporate identity—the roots your business can grow. We will figure it out by workshops to find your philosophy and USP.


The fruits of your tree: telling your brand story in editorial media like magazines, books and social media channels. Editorial stories touches with muse and that makes editorial branding very attractive for your clients, employees and consumers. Great tools to combine Information transport und emphatic touching to ensure customer loyalty. My long experience in corporate publishing and public relation is a great advantage for you.


Workshops are a wonderful tools to discover new strategies, identities and solutions—potential development is the keyword. My workshops are focused on brand building, brand strategies, corporate identities, corporate designs, business solutions and creative transformation.


Professionals, entrepreneurs, creatives—we are all human with strengths and weaknesses. Each has special abilities, which is worth discovering and strengthen. Potential development is the master key. In a protected and attentive way I help you to max out your full potential. Maybe you will reveal new or forgotten talents. There is a lot to discover about you. I call it creative transformation.