Kristine Annett Wegner


roots of creative transformation

My name is Kristine Annett Wegner, Communication Designer,

Creative Director, Design Expert, Brand Strategist, Coach for Potential Development

and performing Creative Workshops.

Born in 1977 in Hamburg Germany with a creative personality—I got my passion for music, design, architecture, art and culture already as a young child: creating dresses for dolls, developing games, storytelling and writing, drawing, painting—a passion for museums, books, acting, playing instruments are just small cutouts. After high school i took grandfathers roots and studied communication design at Design Factory International—with a bachelor degree in 2004. My career started earlier in 2000 as an employee at design-, advertising-, communication and public relation agencies for various branches like finance, industries, pharma, food, fashion and cosmetics. Especially in projects for global brands like Philips, Shell or Dr.Oetker I have gained a lot of experience. As a freelancer i realized shoe designs, fashion catalogs and communicative solutions for fashion industry.

My professional skills as a designer range from brand strategy, brand building, corporate design, editorial design, corporate communication, illustrations to e-commerce and online solutions. Driven by my passion for brand building and design i founded novoodesign in 2012 to bring sustainable design concepts, design thinking culture and innovative strategies into the market. My talent to feel needs and wishes increased the demand for potential development. My mission is to find charming success for brands, communication and personalities by developing their full potential.

Furthermore i am a potential coach for professionals, startups and artists in change development. Especially psychological facts are the basics of my strategies to discover the whole potential. Since youth I studied psychology content—today i work inter alia with the Meyer Briggs Personality Types for reaching target groups. I am using design thinking methods, sustainable solutions for clients and professionals as well as personal fulfillment coaching for artists. Everyone got a special way—an idea to create, a life task, a mission—and we will figure it out. I call it: creative transformation.